Rupert’s Magical Monthly Bookclub

New to 2021 Rupert is creating a very exciting bookclub for all of his friends. 

This is a monthly Subscription (tired options available) where you will receive a copy of the monthly storybook – written from scratch every month.

Rupert will also be recording the story as a video for subscribers to enjoy on online on the last weekend of the month (YouTube).

After Listening, Reading or watching along with the story Rupert invites you to share your drawings and ideas with him @Facebook

Rupert will pick some of his favourite pictures to help inform next months story!

We want everyone member to feel a part of the club and by sharing your pictures and ideas everyone feels like they are part of the ongoing story. 

You’ll can even vote for the direction of the story via Rupert’s social media channels so be sure to follow him @ Facebook and Twitter. 

At the end of the year, a printed hardback version of the book will be available as a gift in time for Christmas the book will include artwork from across the year and celebrate Book Club members submissions.


2. Receive original storybook

3. read, listen & watch the story

4. Send Rupert pictures / Suggestions @Facebook

5. INSPIRE Next Months Story

6. Rupert will PLANT 5 x TREES and HELP THE PLANET

7. RECEIVE 20% Discount OFF Personalised STORYBOOK


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