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With the world as it is at the moment, I hope you and yours are keeping safe. 
Not long now, I say with fingers, toes and everything else crossed … we will soon be celebrating and hugging each-other once again! 

This here is a little page I wanted to call Rupert & Me. I should really have called it Grandad & Me. However, not everyone knew my grandad Norman. And so , this page is dedicated to him, and what he meant to me and the creation of Rupert Regis. 
Let me begin with say just how Grandad and Rupert are one and the same.

This is him. Look at that face! 

Sadly, Grandad left us to be reunited with my Nanny June in April 2020. Their love story is a book all of its own (and one which I may write one day). 

Grandad is the inspiration behind the creation of the character Rupert Regis as he is now. 

Creating Rupert & His Magical Bookshop

Fast forward to once upon a lockdown and I find myself fighting a very personal relationship with grief, having lost Grandad. 
I had in the past used writing scripts/treatments/plays as a coping mechanism, and therapy during low times. So naturally, I turned to the page. 

Slap on a global pandemic and the world seemingly closing down, I felt that perhaps, what had worked for me, could work for others. Especially children. 

With the school closures came a online call for help, parents were suddenly full-time parents, teachers as well as working their day jobs too. 

I posted on social media something similar to “Would anyone like me to write them a story for them to share with their children?” Which translated to a call for help “PLEASE GIVE ME SOMETHING TO DISTRACT ME!”

Fast forward to 2021 and I have now written over 150 children’s stories and Rupert Regis is alive and kicking. My old bookshop idea has found a life again!

It seemed something of a hobby. Something I could concentrate on and distract myself from the doom and gloom of job-hunting, pandemic lockdown restrictions and of course, my shadowy friend – Grief. 

Grandad taught me a great many lessons during our conversations over a cup of tea. 
His outlook on life and his unconditional love has been a constant source of inspiration in getting me through the pandemic as well as the beating heart of Rupert Regis the character. 
Mad to think it is now 1 year old and already a global brand. 

Character Design 

Visually, Rupert Regis was created in collaboration with comic book illustrator Jason Smith, we worked on the concept art over a couple of months, inspired by photos and videos of Grandad – it lead to our jolly and friendly Rupert character who you see now. 

There is of course hints of Nanny June in Rupert too. The colour purple, the daffodil and the walking cane. The name of Rupert’s bookshop ‘The Jolly Page Turner’ is a tribute to her also, as she sat up for hours until early morning peering through her Danelle Steele hardback books almost one a night!

From his glasses, to his flat cap and his yellow daffodil grandad is very much a part of Rupert, and a daily reminder of him. A tribute if you will.

I want to use this platform to cheer people up, to celebrate unconditional love children have around them in their own lives, and by asking the people closest to them to share important information about them, their likes, dislikes, nicknames, hobbies – I can create a personalised story just for them. Regardless of the lockdowns, being unable to see their friends, they can still have fun! 

My aim is that these stories can be shared and enjoyed together by families, friends. 

With the Rupert’s Magical Monthly Book Club I hope that children will be encouraged to take part, share their drawings and ideas via the Gallery and I can incorporate these into the following months stories. 

My trips to Sevenoaks to see Grandad were often repaid in a unique story that only he could tell. 
This is Rupert’s version of that. 

I hope that the stories I will create will help create memories for you and your children, friends for years to come. Perhaps even create memories, that will be remembered fondly. 

Please enjoy them. 

A great man once told me “The Thing is this … be honest, and be good.”



Rich (& Rupert)

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